About the project

The premiere took place in another form than planned due to the corona situation. We invited four guest inside the church Taksigelseskirken in Copenhagen to watch the documentary film “Kredens” screened with live music followed by a discussion about the necessity of dialog between cultures, religion and art: Louise Sihm Knudsen, priest at Taksigelseskirken, Lundehus and Hans Egedes Kirke in Copenhagen, Henryka Mościcka-Dendys, Ambassador of Poland to Denmark, Bent Melchior, former chief rabbi in Denmark, chairman of Brobyggerne, et al., Jacob Dammas, initiator of the project, film director and producer.

The audience can watch the film concert and discussion here:

The documentary film “Kredens” (2007) is about a journey by a young film director going from Copenhagen to Wroclaw in Poland from which his mother and family escaped in 1969 to Denmark. He visists the building where they lived and tries to engage in a dialog with the current residents about a lost family furniture, a credenza (in Polish kredens). Underway, he also speaks to his mother on the phone which opens up new perspectives on the story. A tragicomic, wild-goose chase, and very honest film that has been shown on tv and at film festivals worldwide.

The music is composed by Swedish Stefan Thorsson, interpreted, arranged and performed live by Danish Martin Bennebo – accordeonist and organist, graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, in duo with Lisa Nyeng – cellist and teacher at Herlev, Ballerup og Vallensbæk music schools. Director and coproducer of the film is Jacob Dammas, Danish-Polish-Jewish filmmaker, graduate from Roskilde University and the Andrzej Wajda Film School in Warsaw.

The hybrid version of the project was conceived and realized by JDMedia and GRANIZA, in cooperation with Church of Denmark – Taksigelseskirken and Hans Egedes Kirke in Copenhagen, the film company CFC Short & Doc, and supported by Embassy of Poland in Denmark, Coordination Committee, and KLANG-festival.